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Board of Directors and Advisors

Meet OneEnergy Renewables' advisors and Board of Directors.

Bill Eddie, Director

President, OneEnergy Renewables

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    Ben Packard, Director

    Director of Corporate Engagements, The Nature Conservancy

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      Bryce Smith, Director

      CEO, OneEnergy Renewables

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        Steve Trainer, Director

        Founder and Partner, Seneca Real Estate Group

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          Devin Whatley, Director

          Partner, The Ecosystem Integrity Fund

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            Steve Baczko, Advisor

            Director of Commercialization, Ecosystem Restoration Associates (ERA), Inc.

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              Bill Collins, Advisor

              Former Senior Executive, EcoSecurities

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                Lance Conn, Advisor

                Former Senior Executive, Vulcan Capital and AOL

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                  Terri Fujinaga, Advisor

                  Independent Financial Services Professional

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                    John Merrill, Advisor

                    Principal at Merrill Images

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                      Rich Rayhill, Advisor

                      Co-founder of Ridgeline Energy, LLC

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                        Elizabeth Stearns, Advisor

                        Sr. Lecturer, Foster School of Business, University of Washington; Founder/President, The Stearns Group

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