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Trista Ristvedt

Student Profile
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Isenberg School of Management
Expected Graduation:
May 2015
Dream Job:
VP of Marketing and Strategy for a renewable energy company
Plans after Graduation:
Convincing the Fortune 500 to go renewable!
Linked In

I am particularly interested in driving the adoption of renewable energy. From reducing carbon emissions, to stabilizing costs, to increasing national security, there are so many reasons that increasing our usage of renewable energy makes sense.

I hope to impact the industry by communicating to companies and consumers the value of switching to renewable energy, and by driving the integration of renewables in our electrical grids.

I'm confident that the connections I make as a result of the OneEnergy Scholars program will be the biggest benefit of being awarded this honor. Being able to share ideas with fellow scholars, to explore ideas and to learn from the amazing folks at OneEnergy who support this program and the greater network to which all of these people are connected will play a major role in shaping my career moving forward.

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