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Take Control of Your Power

Connect directly to a large-scale, offsite solar project through a power purchase agreement. Make a renewable energy project happen.

A Purpose-Built Solar project...

  • Locks in 10 to 30% of your energy budget at an economically competitive price that remains fixed for up to 25 years
  • Reduces exposure to volatile fossil-fuel based energy prices
  • Improves the risk profile of your operating budget
  • Enables your organization to play a critical role in the development of a new, large-scale solar project without any upfront capital commitment.

How it Works

A Purpose-Built Solar project is a large-scale, offsite solar array developed and marketed on behalf of your organization. The project is customized to meet your energy demand, financial goals, and carbon reduction targets.

A Purpose-Built Solar project is based on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a Power Hedge Agreement, which typically entails a commitment to purchase a portion of your power from a OneEnergy Renewables solar project over a long term (e.g. 15+ years).

Getting Started

After an initial discussion to understand your organization's financial and environmental objectives, we'll assess your energy profile. Then, we'll provide a customized proposal that outlines the value of a Purpose-Built Solar project to your organization.

Please, contact us to get started.

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If your organization is interested in connecting directly to a new renewable energy project in your area, please reach out to get the conversation started.


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