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OneEnergy Renewables works with utilities to help them meet state RPS requirements and supply voluntary green power programs with compliance-grade renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Straightforward Strategies to Meet RPS

As more and more states adopt RPS requirements, utilities are searching for the right partners to help them comply.

We work with utilities to help them meet these compliance obligations through RECs and power purchase opportunities.

OneEnergy Renewables currently supplies some of the largest voluntary green power programs in the country.



OneEnergy Renewables' expertise in REC procurement and trading allows us to supply affordable, high-quality RECs through a simple transaction.

Our RECs are all Green-e certified and tracked in third-party databases such as the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS).

power off-take opportunities

In addition to supplying RECs, OneEnergy Renewables offers utilities the opportunity to purchase power directly from one of the projects we develop.

If your utility is looking to meet RPS requirements through RECs, or is interested in learning about our projects under development, please contact us.



Bevans Point Solar

Bevans Point Solar

Klamath County, OR

Bevans Point Solar, a project in OneEnergy's Oregon development portfolio, is a 2.0 MW (DC) solar PV project located near Klamath County, Oregon. Once complete, the project is expected to generate roughly 4,000 MWh per year for 25 years. That's enough clean energy to power over 380 homes and create an emissions reduction equivalent to removing more than 520 cars from the road.

Cambridge Solar

Cambridge Solar

Dorchester County, MD

Cambridge Solar is a 4.2 MW (DC) solar PV project located in Dorchester County, Maryland. Once complete, the project will supply roughly 40% of the electricity requirements of The National Aquarium in Baltimore through a 25-year electricity supply agreement with Constellation.

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How Can We Help?

Please contact us if your utility is interested in purchasing RECs or connecting to one of our projects.


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